Nurture Baby Naturally™ was developed as a concept back in 2005 by founder Giselle Baturay. Having had her new baby, she longed for a village of mothers to share in the journey that is mothering. Not being able to find it, she began to create groups for mothers to provide a safe and comfortable gathering of mothers where they could freely share the wonders and the challenges of mothering. Giselle’s groups became a place where mothers shared their journey and their roles as daughters, mothers, sisters, partners, friends and women. As Giselle had more babies and her children began to grow, so did her experience in facilitating mothering groups. In this process Giselle became a Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Babywearing Educator, Attachment Parenting International Leader, Certified Lactation Educator and also trained as a Holistic Aromatherapist while connecting with her herbalism roots.

For years now, Nurture Baby Naturally™ groups have created friendships while providing resources and gathering in the community and village that is mothers. And now the Nurture Baby Naturally™ Facilitator Certification will make it possible to have Nurture Baby Naturally™ Groups around the country and begin a re-evolution of mothering.

Backed by evidence-based education, experience and natural parenting and living expert resources, Nurture Baby Naturally™ provides a place for mothers to gather as they learn to mother instinctively and naturally to raise happy, striving babies.